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Welcome to my3website, the place where you can host your website - absolutely free.

Ideal for: homepages, forums, galleries, PHP/MySQL websites, guest books...

Cool, huh. How, you may ask... well we have plenty of servers that are under used, so we figured that was a bit of a waste. As a result, your welcome to use some of our space for your own web site, learn some new tricks with the web and with any luck tell your friends so they can get free hosting too.

Don't worry, we won't be pestering you to upgrade. We won't be showing adverts on your site, and we won't even be asking for a link to our site (but we would be grateful if you do). In fact, we are more than happy for you to use the free service, with no intention of ever upgrading - as in reality, you probably won't need to upgrade, we give you more than enough space to build your web site.

What if you want to upgrade, love the service, don't want to move etc - no problem, we have "paid" packages available if you need more space, just drop us an email. If your sticking to the basic rules, we may even give you a free upgrade but we like to keep things fair so there's plenty to go around.

Right, so you want some free web hosting... as long as your site is "family friendly " - so no porn, and doesn't offer downloads (no MP3's!) then you should be ok. Make sure you read through our terms and conditions just to be sure your aware of what you can and can't do.

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